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学术报告 Jun Zhuang


报告题目:The Retinotopic Map of Mouse Cortex

报告人:  Jun Zhuang, Ph.D

                   Scientist II in Allen Institute for Brain Science, USA

时间:   2017年12月29日(周五),下午:13:30-15:30

地点:  西区生物楼429会议室




After received his bachelor degree and master degree from USTC, Dr.  Zhuang moved to America and joined Dr. Swadlow Harvey's lab to obtain  his PhD degree in Psychology. Since 2013, he has been a scientist in  neural coding department at Allen Institute for Brain Science and has  done lots of substantialag刷水套利|官网 work in mapping the retinotopic organization of  mouse cortex and functional thalamocortical projection by using wide  field and cellular calcium imaging.

In this talk, Dr. Zhuang will introduce their new findings in mapping  the the retinotopic organization of mouse cortex. Dr. Zhuang employed  fluorescence imaging and GCaMP6 reporter mice to generate retinotopic  maps, revealing additional regions of retinotopic organization that  extend into barrel and retrosplenial cortices. His study extend our  understanding of the organization of mouse cortex to include up to 16  distinct retinotopically organized regions.



学术报告 Jun Zhuang


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